College of Law

Executive Dean's Message

As the Acting Executive Dean, I am honoured to be part of your student journey, and to contribute to the ever-expanding successes of the College of Law of which you are part of. Together, we are shaping the future and leading change. The College of Law is the largest college in the continent with the largest footprint on the continent, with enrolment from people all over the world, talented students, and renowned faculty.

As a College of Law, our collective purpose is to motivate and support intellectual curiosity in pursuit of academic excellence. We are driven by the belief that service to humanity is better served when every person is afforded the deserved opportunity of a high-quality education and that educational opportunity is a basic human right. Irrespective of where you are born, where you are resident, the colour of your skin - you deserves a high-quality education. Providing you with educational opportunities offered by out distinguished academics is one of the most fundamental obligations that we have been honoured to discharge as a college.