College of Graduate Studies


Through research, each of Unisa's colleges aim to advance the realisation of excellent research and innovative solutions that address important national and global questions, and to contribute to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of South Africa and the African continent.

Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

At the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences our research is formed by two broad focus research areas viz. teaching practices and ODL, as well as research on the environment, health and sustainable livelihoods.

Economic & Management Sciences

Some of the focus areas developed in research flagships at the College of Economic and Management Sciences include demographic modelling and analysis, personal finance and corporate sustainability and etc.


The College of Education's flagship 500 Schools research project, explores the scope of challenges facing the South African education system, with an intention of generating targeted solutions.

Human Sciences

In the College of Human Sciences, a number of research projects are investigating, from different perspectives, issues related to HIV/AIDS, language teaching and learning, political and economic development, sociology, psychology, etc.


The research areas in the College of Law are bio-technology and medical law; dispute resolution in Africa, social security; crime studies, criminal framework for community safety; ODL; and international journal of law, society and development.

Science, Engineering & Technology

The College of Science, Engineering & Technology supports the research goals and strategies of Unisa by focusing on two of Unisa’s five research themes: Innovation and capacity building in science and technology and Open Distance Learning.