College of Graduate Studies

CGS Summer School opens minds and explores new directions

This annual event for M&D students, held at Unisa’s Science Campus this year, focuses on interdisciplinary research without losing the disciplinary aspect. Read more

Why low growth could be a good thing for SA

UP’s Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti said at the Fifth Unisa Postgraduate Summer School that high growth and high consumption are exploiting people and polluting the planet. Read more

What ended the dark ages of the universe?

In the middle of the Karoo in South Africa, a new radio astronomy telescope to study the “cosmic dawn” is being built as part of the Hydrogen Epoch of Reionisation Array (HERA) project. Building the skills to run and participate in such a project is essential. Read more

Michele Havenga graduates to Executive Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

The Executive Dean of the College of Graduate Studies says that the college needs to attract and develop top researchers to fulfil the mandate of providing leading research. Read more

SA researchers pursue genocide answers in Auschwitz network of camps

Prof Anthony Court, a political theorist specialising in genocide studies at the Unisa, is one of them. Read more

Light at the end of the tunnel for SA’s energy-poor communities

Unisa and MRC researchers have built live demonstration facilities where people can experience the power of three clean-energy solutions for households: solar, biogas, and cool coatings. Read more

Decolonisation is an open-ended exploration

Speaking at a seminar organised by AMRI and the CMU in Unisa’s College of Graduate Studies, Prof Nelson Maldonado-Torres said that most forms of prejudice were committed under the pretext of liberalism. Read more