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Are you certain about your career?

Making a career decision is a process. Even if you have made a career choice, the following activities could help you to reaffirm your choice or help you to explore additional options. If you are struggling to make a choice, then the career activities could help you with your decision. Are you certain about your career?

Read the content below if you are not certain about your career.        Proceed to the next step in the application process if you are certain about your career.

Choose your careerMaking a career choice is not something that happens only once. You'll make many career choices over the course of your life. Our careers change continuously - this means that we need to be ready to make career decisions all the time. Right now, you're thinking about studying at Unisa and you now need to choose a qualification related to your career.

The elements below represent the ingredients necessary to make a decision about your career. Thinking about and working through these elements will not only assist you with the decision you are making now, but also your future decisions.

Making a career decision involves the following