Community Engagement & Outreach

Upcoming events

Invitation: Capacity Building Workshops 2018

The Division: Community Engagement and Outreach will be hosting a series of capacity building workshops. All interested or involved in Community Engagement projects will benefit from the workshop selection.  Click here to see workshop titles and dates.

Tel: 012 429 8639 / 3524 / 6829

Chance 2 Advance Orange Farm Programme 19 - 23 February 2018

The Chance 2 Advance programme began its 2018 activities in the community of Orange Farm.  This initiative sought to provide high-quality community learning opportunities for the purpose of community empowerment. The programme was hosted in collaboration with World Vision South Africa. The week-long programme (19 – 23 February) reached a total of 1190 participants.

Chance 2 Advance Atteridgeville Programme 26 June - 8 July 2017

The Chance 2 Advance programme hosted a community learning and empowerment programme in the community of Atteridgeville from 26 June until 8 July. A total of 46 workshops was offered. The programme reached a total of 6405 participants.

Nelson Mandela Day Commemoration

In honour of the sacrifice and service of Nelson Mandela, the Division: Community Engagement and Outreach designed special social justice tours to raise the consciousness of Unisa staff on issues of sustainable development, nation building and social justice. It is our contention that while the call for 67 minutes of service encourages volunteerism, it does not highlight the long-term commitment to service, development and active citizenship that is required for the betterment of our society. Click here to read more.

Tour 1

The first tour took place on the 18th of July, and was designed for external stakeholders that included Business, Government and Civil Society. Participating in this tour was members of staff from the Export Credit Insurance Company (ECIC), the National School of Government, the Department of Public Services and Administration and from civil society, the Tshwane Leadership Foundation.  This tour, uncovered critical development themes in an Inner City context and explored the role of business in sustainable development and nation-building.

Tour 2

The second tour took place on the 21st of July, and was specifically designed for Unisa staff.

On this tour, we explored a township context. After working with the community of Alexandra Township in 2016, and discovering the rich history and poignant stories of a resilient community, the DCEO selected “Alex” as the site for our 2017 tour. This was due to the township’s critical location and development significance. Participating staff began the tour at the “richest square mile in Africa” in Sandton Square where the tour photograph was taken next to the Nelson Mandela statue. From there, a quick drive into Alex, highlighted the difference between the development challenges in Sandton and its neighbour Alex. In Alex staff explored aspects of economic, social and environmental development. This was followed, by a presentation on the role of higher education in sustainable development and social justice. The tour guide was Mr Thabo Mopasi a passionate Social History researcher, photographer and social activist. Mr Mopasi contributed to the book “Alexandra: A History” by Philip Bonner and Noor Nieftagodien (Wits University History Workshop). He was also part of the making of a six part Alex history documentary by Uhuru Production in 2012. Mr. Mopasi is often called on to guide PhD students and lecture on some of the Alex historical sites.  He is the pioneer of Alex Tourism and Heritage Route

The primary objectives of the DCEO Nelson Mandela Day Social Justice Tours was to, share the vision of Higher Education as a vehicle for social transformation, distinguish between relief, charity and sustainable development and encourage greater community engagement and sustainable development consciousness and action among Unisa stakeholders.