Leading change

Her research won’t be going into the spam folder

Dr Sebo Tladi is the first black South African to earn a PhD in Electronic Communications Law. Her research will assist consumers to be savvy and cautious when using e-mail and text messaging. Read more

Unisa LLB programme receives thumbs up from CHE

Unisa has warmly received the great news from the Council on Higher Education on the accreditation of its LLB programme. Read more

A conqueror who has overcome the odds

Ally G Mweni has graduated from Unisa, but under the direst of circumstances. Read his inspiring story. Read more

African knowledge key to re-humanising HE

The recent Unisa-M&G Critical Thinking Forum focused on social inclusion, which, like social justice, is at the heart of the transformation and decolonialisation debates in higher education and the policy environment. Read more

A country ‘lost in transition’?

Prof Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni explored the idea of South Africa as a national question from a decolonial perspective when he delivered the fourth annual Neville Alexander Memorial Lecture. Read more

Africa’s blue economy on the crest of a wave

Prof Raphael Mpofu led a Unisa delegation to the University of Seychelles to discuss economic development driven by a maritime strategy in line with AU Agenda 2063. Read more

The 2017 Unisa Chancellor’s Calabash Awards—a recognition of courage

Gill Marcus, Dr Frene Ginwala, Sally Motlana, and Naledi Pandor were honoured by the university for bettering the lives of the citizens of South Africa. Read more

Everything happens for a reason, including prison

Unisa lecturer and PhD student Mbongiseni Mdakane says studying psychology is a way to heal the 10 years he spent in a cell. Read more

Decolonising research methodology must include undoing its dirty history

The process is an ethical, ontological, and political exercise rather than simply one of approach and ways of producing knowledge, says Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, Director of Scholarship at Unisa's Change Management Unit. Read more

CAES scientist has the earth at her feet in quest for knowledge about soil

Unisa’s Prof Veronica Ngole-Jeme has covered vast amounts of ground, from Nigeria and Central Africa to South Africa, in her fascination with soil. Read more